Custom Memory Teddy Bears

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Turn Loved One's Clothing into Memory Bears

Have you ever wondered what to do with your loved one’s items of clothing? There’s something memorable you can create using these clothes.

The process is very straight forward.

  1. You choose the bear you wish to have from either my shop or if you have an idea for a custom made bear.
  2. You can drop off the personalised clothing or post the items to me.
  3. I will use this clothing to create something special or if it doesn’t scale down I can create a replica from a photo for you. Eg a large football shirt couldn’t be scaled down using the original but I could take the badge of the club or replicate the shirt.

I can work from a photo of loved one to capture the character, colouring etc into a personalised bear.

Memory Bears Recent Work

"Let's Create That Special Memory Bear"